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The North Fork Valley is on the map. How did it get there? Well that’s pretty obvious, it couldn’t stay a secret forever. We regularly appear in “Top” destination lists. Whether it be best places for fall color in Colorado, best throwback towns in America (Paonia), or best hippie towns(Paonia), word is out that we live in a special place. People who have intentions to relocate have the North Fork in their sites and there has been quite the feeding frenzy locally, especially the town of Paonia, for housing both to rent and purchase. It continues to be a sellers real estate market and this fall competition has been fierce, at least compared to the past 8 years or so. Simply put there are more buyers than sellers.

So whats happening here? Aside from this being a great place to live, (never mind real job prospects!) Denver the #3 housing market in America  is just a quick drive over the continental divide and is definitely influencing housing in our valley. According to Zillow the median home value for homes in Denver is $355,800, (up 10% from last year) and rent in Denver is averaging just under $2000 a month. Denver is booming for better or worse and many see the North Fork as not only a great value but a definite step up in lifestyle. With the average time for a house on the market in Denver at a mere 11 days, the lure of cashing out quick and heading to the hills of the Western Slope where your housing dollar goes much further is tantalizing!

For the first time since the housing boom of the early 2000’s multiple offers are being considered in our market, with some properties (especially homes under $200k) seeing less than one day on the market. To deal with high demand I have advice for buyers and sellers in order to compete in this competitive environment.

For buyers time is of the essence. If you see something you like make an offer immediately! Making an offer does not lock you in to a purchase. During the due diligence portions of the contract period you can find out about the flaws, shortcomings or whatever you would like to call it and cancel the contract if it the deal doesn’t suit you. Once its under contract you can calm down a little, step back, and really scrutinize the property. When making an offer, realize in a competitive market, lowball offers aren’t going to fly. Negotiations are still taking place, just know that selling prices are inching up towards asking prices as this market continues.

It is a great time to put your property on the market and If you are considering selling your home or land contact a real estate professional! Just because your neighbor sold their house in 3 days for a boatload of money doesn’t necessarily mean you can do the same. Overpricing your property is the sure path to NOT selling your property in a timely manner or at all for that matter. Nothing’s worse than finally making the decision to sell your home only to have a For Sale sign in the yard for 2 years. By hiring a licensed agent we can help sell your home quickly and for the optimum price according to the current market. Aside from expediting and maximizing the process real estate agents also help minimize worry and confusion. We realtors sometimes get a bad rap and there is always a bad seed in a bunch, but realize we work hard for a living and do not get paid at all for much of the exhaustive legwork we do. Not only that we are part of the community and add our hard earned dollars back into the local economy.

If you have questions on what your home or property may be worth please give me a call for a free consultation.

P.S.!!! Dont forget the comment period for the BLM’s Resource management Plan ends November 1st! Make your voice heard! Please submit comments by email to uformp@blm.go or by mail to the BLM, Uncompahgre Field Office, 2465 S. Townsend Ave., Montrose, CO 81401.

Good luck out there!